Yagami Ren

-- Founder of Yagami-ryu

— Yagami-ryu is an open style. In the beginning, the basic concepts and techniques are studied. At a higher level, the student is encouraged to develop a personalised style.

What is Yagami style?

— English translation of the original style presentation video by Ren Yagami

Table of contents

00:00 Introduction
What is Yagami Style?
00:42 General
07:44 Three main elements
10:21 Nawasuji
12:49 Taijutsu
15:11 Kyushogaku
11:41 Yagami-ryu system - Part 1
16:11 Yagami-ryu system - Part 2
Yagami Style Worldwide
04:45 General
05:23 Teacher licenses
06:13 Official Yagami-ryu dojo’s
06:42 Ren Yagami international travel
17:32 Conclusion

A style is a mix of a persons’ thoughts and ideas. It is your own interpretation, not a copy. It is your own way of doing things.

Semenawa —
Semenawa is very often used to specify the exercise of torture / torment caused by the rope.
'Seme' means threat and 'Nawa' means rope.

Sekibaku —
"Obviously I do semenawa, but I prefer to consider that what I do is sekibaku. Sekibaku means threatening to tie (i.e. the thread through the tie), but not only with rope. The threat must come from my own presence, energy, and demeanor delightfully combined with the use of the rope."
— Ren Yagami

In this sense, Ren Yagami clears the path for development of other aspects such as erotic fantasies, allowing us to explore deep sexual desires and intentions.

— Nawasuji

A way to bind (i.e. techniques for tying the body with ropes)

— Taijutsu

How people use their bodies, both you (i.e. the rigger) and the model (i.e. techniques to control the body)

— Kyūsho-gaku

A detailed study of the key points. Not as a manipulation technique, but as a communication tool that allows to learn from the other person's reactions.

Official Yagami-ryu places in Europe

Shibari Center
Sofia, BG —

Eastern Europe

Shibari Center is ran by the Bulgarian community. We speak English and Bulgarian.

"Good technique and a deep connection with the partner makes Shibari work.”
— Ludvig


Studio TIEY
Antwerp, BE —

Western Europe

Studio TIEY is situated in a multilingual country. We speak Dutch, English, French and German.

“Shibari can open a mirror to the undisturbed silence of being, where souls touch, the heart is an open shelter and the mind slumbers…”
— Etheros


Gijón, ES —


Kinky Club represents Yagami-ryu for the Spanish speaking community.

“My approach to shibari is focused on exploring erotic desire through an emotional perspective.”
— SrInterior

Face to face activities
Online training

Ren Yagami
Main Dojo
Tokyo, JP —

Yagami Ren
Founder of Yagami-ryu


Shibari —

Shibari can be translated as the act of binding.

Culture —

Both sexual and communication elements as aesthetics and art became fundamentals since the Edo period (1600-1860).

Origins —

It found its origins in the traditional Japanese martial arts, where it was an optional discipline.

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